Puerto Rico is known for its authentic culture that is devoid of much external influence. Here’s the reason why. With its 17,000 strong population, Rincon has a rich diversity of people from different ethnic heritages.

How the rich diversity came about

The original inhabitants of the island hailed from the peace-loving tribes called the Taino. Later in the 1500s, Spaniards sailed in, to colonize the land. Soon, African slaves were brought in, to till the land of its rich sugar cane production. In the 18th century, the land faced much violence from English and French pirates, while the land finally settled into the protection of Americans when it was declared U.S. territory. As you travel around the island you will notice the blend of all these races that live harmoniously as one people. A number of Americans also inhabit this island after it was made famous during the World Surfing Championship of 1968.

Rich Culture

Puerto Rico still holds the ideals of respect and friendliness that make it a good destination for foreigners. These ideals are witnessed around the island with the respect from the young to the old. The people of Rincon embrace outsiders with this respect and open warmth. The warmth of this city is why many expatriates have made a home here, buying houses and settling in as locals even running their businesses here too.

The national language is Spanish although a majority of the people can understand English. In fact, you will find that right about half of the population can speak it fluently. When it comes to religion, Rincon is predominantly Catholic, though they are tolerant of other people’s beliefs.

The people of Puerto Rico have strong family ties helping them support one another in their times of need. This is seen clearly in the way everyone is provided for, however, a good number of the natives hover around the poverty line. There is also accessible federal aid, with the low living costs helping mitigate this weakness. Such rich diversity makes up the warm and friendly place that is Rincon.