Puerto Rico is an island located in the Caribbean Sea, and is actually a territory belonging to the United States. Their official languages are Spanish and English.

Rincon is actually a beach town located in the west coast of Puerto Rico. It’s about 20 minutes drive from Raphael Hernandez Airport. To fully explore Rincon, it’s always advisable for visitors to get a copy of the guide available with the Tourism Dept. Most of the roads are narrow and they zigzag. Renting a car here makes sense in order to fully explore the town. There aren’t many star hotels in Rincon, and hence hiring a house through VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) is a sensible thing to do on reaching the town. One has to rely on local people for locations as addresses don’t seem to exist since these are not in order, like in a Metro.

Some of the things which one can do after getting accommodation is to visit the beaches. The shoreline of the beaches are filled with palm and coconut trees. There are open-air bar and grill restaurants all over the beach area. For surfers, winter is the best season as the sea water tends to be rough. One can also find hoards of different animals like cats, dogs, cows, roosters, etc. freely roaming on the shoreline. There are also paid guided tours on horseback, if one is interested to see the breathtaking tropical forests, orchids, etc. A few minute drive from the main town is Cave Park which has about 200 plus caves. There is a ticket system and a cut-off time if visitors exceed capacity inside the park. Hiking boots are used inside the caves since the floors are very slippery. This town has night life with DJ’s playing music in almost every restaurant.

The best way to wind off the day would be to have the coconut drink, where a coconut is cut open and liquor and cinnamon are poured inside it. This drink surely attracts visitors year after year to this beautiful town of Rincon.