The City

The city of Rincon is situated in the Northwest part of Puerto Rico. It is home to some spectacular Caribbean beaches and cuisine. Spanish and English are the main languages spoken by the locals. Tourism is the main industry here. Due to sea coastline, not much agriculture is done here except fruits and sugarcane. Rincon is slowly catching up in milk production since the time cattle ranching started. To know more about Rincon city, the best option is to contact the Tourism Association of Rincon.

Travel Tips

Rincon is considered to be very safe for tourists. One should only avail the registered taxi services. Also, one needs to avoid the inner lanes because they are horribly congested as most of them are narrow. During peak season accommodation is always a problem, hence, immediately on reaching Rincon, one needs to search for some. Since chain hotels are few, there are plenty of vacation rental homes available at a low cost. And finally, for any emergency one can dial 911 like inthe USA, it works here too. Local people are mostly poor and very humble.


The major activities on this island city include whale watching, diving, surfing, horse riding, fishing, and plenty of other water sports. There are yoga and massage centres, surfing schools, etc., all around the city. There are paid guided tours too. There are shops selling all kinds of handmade articles, etc. There are gifts and souvenirs available to take back home and keep them as memoirs.


There are a fair number of casinos where tourists can hit the game room and the slot machines for gambling with real money. But, the casinos are all attached to the hotel and Resort chains such as the Casino Doral Resort at Palmas Del Mar, Embassy Suites Hotel & Casino, El San Juan Resort & Casino, Hilton Hotel, Holiday Inn, El Tropical Casino, Hyatt Dorado Beach Resort & Casino Country Club, etc. to name a few.