The unguarded, relaxed and non-touristy Rincon is known for its shimmering sunsets and excellent surfing conditions. It is known as the ultimate hippie paradise, sought after by draft-dodgers seeking alternative lifestyles. Apart from its back to earth, rustic living appeal, the island’s surf hotspot is renowned for its assortment of lively bars and restaurants. Here are some incredible Rincon travel experiences for visitors to savour:

Exciting Water Sports

Rincon is a celebrated worldwide surfing destination, known for its calm waters and perfect swimming conditions (in the South Caribbean zone). Enjoy surfing, whale-watching and paddle boarding during winters. The North Coast beach is great for surfing and lazy beach bumming. Visit during March-April when the waves are awesome and consistent, and offer lots of great surfing conditions.

There are lots of other activities such as scuba diving (Desecheo Island), horseback riding, snorkeling, fishing, sailing and more to be enjoyed in and around the coast.

Outdoor Activities

Fancy getting out of the water a bit? The rugged natural surroundings of Rincon teem with a selection of exciting outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking along the coast, yoga on the beach, pampering massage and witnessing memorable sunsets overlooking the Caribbean can be fun.

Witness the beauty and heritage of The Punta Higuero Lighthouse, erected by the Spaniards in the 19th century and restored after the 1921 earthquake. The unmanned structure runs on a rotating beacon.

Explore the Town

Tiny yet full of character, Rincon is replete with intimate town squares and a traditional plaza known as The Sunset Coast (where a dazzling show is held every evening). The venue is also home to several specialty restaurants (anyone for fresh, lip-smacking sea-food?) and a flourishing arts scene.

This is indeed a great place to rub shoulders with the locals and tourists alike while learning about the destination’s little-known history.