A laidback yet vibrant town on Puerto Rico’s western coast, Rincon is known for its balmy beaches, perfect surf waves, dozens of lively restaurants and spectacular natural beauty. Sun-lit shores, vivid coral reefs, and historical structures – there are plenty of places to keep visitors on their toes. Here are some of the best Rincon tourist attractions.

Faro Punta Higüeras

Faro Punta Higüeras is a stirringly beautiful destination, featuring gorgeous sea views. There is a pleasant boardwalk with a picturesque lighthouse, lots of shaded spaces and benches. It’s a fairly neat and well-maintained facility, where you can spot natives selling handmade jewelry and other local items. Witness the beauty of the historic 19-century lighthouse, while enjoying scenic sea vistas.

Maria’s Beach

One of Rincon’s busiest beaches, Maria’s beach is known for its exceptional surfing conditions (primarily for beginners), a nice assortment of restaurants and accommodation options catering to a variety of budgets. Take surfing lessons or stroll along the shore to find sea glass. Maria doesn’t offer the best swimming conditions, so hop over instead to Sandy Beach if you fancy a dip.

Balneario de Rincón

Balneario de Rincón is another popular Rincon public beach known for hosting the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games. Well, there’s a lot to do here including sunbathing, eating, picnicking, water sports and a host of other activities. Come sundown and the place transforms into a hub of fun pursuits. There’s no escaping Balneario’s infectious and warm welcoming vibe.

El Ultimo Brinco

El Ultimo is a nice place to go hiking and jogging, with visitors being rewarded with a pleasant waterfall at the end of the walk. The water can be a tad too cold for swimming, but this is a good place to enjoy a picnic or take some pictures for your social media feed.