Right at the convergence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea is the land of many sunsets, Puerto Rico. This is the land renowned for its surfers’ waves. Whether you have visited it to enjoy the marine activities or you simply visited to recline and tan you will still need to fill up. In Rincon you will find diverse eating spots that satisfy all types of appetites. Here are the best spots to explore.

Horned Dorset Primavera Restaurant

Located within the lavish atmosphere of the Horned Dorset Primavera Hotel, this restaurant offers you a sublime location to enjoy serenity at its finest. Its serene ambience is an attraction to honeymooners who desire the quietness. The eatery is stacked in a villa design and offers an ever-changing French cuisine menu to explore.

Tamboo Seaside Grill & Boutique

Embodying the surfer’s lifestyle, this eatery has an open-air dining area that lets you enjoy the fresh ocean breeze. The eatery has a seafood and tropical menu that serves up an American and Caribbean assortment of foods. A Spanish flavour permeates through these dishes.

Smilin’ Joe’s

Located at the Lazy Parrot Inn, this eatery is known for its fine selection of international cuisine. It has a wonderful ambience derived from its outdoor and tropical garden dining areas. Also on site is the Seaglass Bar that offers its speciality of Bailey’s Banana Daiquiris.

Casa Islena Inn

This eatery prides in offering you the ambience right at the oceanfront. The tapas bar here is famous for the fresh seafood fair that it offers as well as the authentic desserts it has to quench your thirst and cool you down. It is an open-air café that is open for both lunch and dinner throughout the surfing season.

Shipwreck Restaurant

Worthy of mention is this open-air eatery that has a homely appeal to it. Located right adjacent the marina, the eatery offers a wide array of international cuisine with a weekly pig roast every Sunday to put the official Rincon stamp on the cuisine.